Doug Thompson, a 6th generation Floridian and son of well-known photographer Oscar Thompson, grew up in Fort Myers and now resides in Bonita Springs. His parents opened Palm Beach Photo in Fort Myers in 1978 where Doug spent much of his childhood. At the age of 10, Doug was already experimenting with photography and developing pictures in the dark room of his family’s camera store.


By the time Doug was 18, he was working as a photo assistant to his father and one of his photos was already published on the cover of Home and Condo magazine. Doug later took a course at the Winona International School of Professional Photography in large format photography.


In 1996, Doug began to work steadily in photography and was a darkroom assistant to Clyde Butcher. For more than two years, Doug worked alongside Clyde in the Florida Everglades perfecting his skills in printing black and white silver emulsion prints. Doug also picked up extensive training in digital imaging in 1999 at a local photo lab, a skill which he still uses on a massive scale in his own work today.


Doug took over his father’s business in 2000 and has been shooting architectural photography ever since. His sense of what makes a “good image” is not only innate, but learned through nearly a lifetime of exposure to the world of photography. Though his father—deemed a master of photography—has passed on, Doug carries on his love and talent for this beautiful and technical form of art.